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Crunching the Numbers: Understanding Workers’ Compensation Premiums in Queensland for 2022-2023

  • Kartelo Law
  • 09 Aug 2023

In the intricate realm of Workers’ Compensation, understanding the financial landscape is crucial for both employers and employees alike. As the calendar turned to 2022-2023, Queensland saw an average premium rate of 1.23% for Workers’ Compensation, a figure that holds immense significance in the world of remuneration and workplace safety. Enter Kartelo Law, a distinguished law firm based in Brisbane, offering expert guidance on Workers’ Compensation matters with a unique no win-no fee stance.

The concept of Workers’ Compensation premiums may sound complex, but its essence boils down to a simple equation: 1.23% of your remuneration expenses. For every dollar spent on wages, employers can estimate their Workers’ Compensation premium by multiplying that amount by the average premium rate. This provides a rough estimate of the financial commitment required to ensure adequate coverage for workplace injuries and accidents.

However, the narrative doesn’t end there. Industries are diverse and nuanced, each presenting its own set of challenges and risk factors. This divergence is mirrored in the varying premium rates, which can deviate from the average based on the sector’s inherent risks. It’s essential for businesses to recognize that the formulaic approach of multiplying wages by 1.23% is a starting point, with potential adjustments needed to align with the unique attributes of their industry.

This is where Kartelo Law steps in as a guiding light for both employers and employees. Specializing in Workers’ Compensation cases, Kartelo Law is positioned as an authoritative partner, offering unparalleled insight into the intricacies of Queensland’s Workers’ Compensation landscape. With a no win-no fee stance, the firm stands resolute in its commitment to advocating for the rights of workers, ensuring they receive the support and compensation they rightfully deserve.

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